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Dill & Sandalwood Exfoliating Shaving Soap

Dill & Sandalwood Exfoliating Shaving Soap

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The seductive aroma of sandalwood is somewhat sweet, enticingly sultry, soothingly grounding, masculine yet warm, woody and earthy. It blends seamlessly with the  natural infusion of the herb dill.

Did you know? 

Dill contains elastin and collagen. Those building blocks are the primary proteins responsible for maintaining the structure and elasticity of the skin as well as keeping it firm and supple.

Studies on the herb dill show that:

  • Vitamin A disinfects the skin, soothes it and treats inflammation; 
  • Magnesium tones the skin;
  • Vitamin E promotes cell renewal and also protects the skin;
  • Calcium is able to make the skin smooth;
  • Vitamin B9 helps in the fight against acne; Ascorbic acid has a wound healing effect, it also makes the skin elastic;
  • Niacin stimulates the skin and refreshes it;

The active substances of dill have a complex effect on the skin. Therefore, dill provides skin treatment, proper care behind it, as well as the prevention of many skin problems. There’s just so many amazing benefits from Dill; internally and externally.

Enjoy this exotic, handcrafted, luxury bar of soap for shaving and/or for bathing from head-to-toe. Feel cleansed, refreshed and moisturized while enjoying the  rich, sweet, subtle scent of sandalwood on your skin or in your hair.

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Customer Reviews

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Tara Van lunen
Amazing product

I found this Dill and Sandalwood soap when I was visiting Vancouver last year!!
This soap has helped my breakouts and cleared up my skin. I buy this soap faithfully to use on my face and I love