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G Y H Organics Inc.

Subtle Citrus Sugar Scrub

Subtle Citrus Sugar Scrub

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Stimulate your skin’s regeneration, and enhance its revitalization with this creamy, emulsified, nourishing and moisturizing, gentle sugar scrub. Made with organic, natural oils, butters, essential oils, including raw cane sugar, this anti-aging formulation helps to tone and brighten skin, while sloughing away extra dead skin cells. Enjoy being left with skin that feels luxuriously softer and smooth. Experience  the delight of the ‘Subtle Citrus’ scent from the organic essential oils blend, left behind on your refreshed, supple skin.

Suggested Usage/Application: 

After you’ve bathed and rinsed off your soap, scoop desired amount of sugar scrub into your damp/wet hands to apply all over your skin. Massage into skin in gentle circular motions, polishing away dull skin cells. The raw sugar, potent oils and rich butters emulsify into a soothing cream, as it dissolves, and reveals renewed,  smoother, freshened skin. Rinse off with warm to cool water. Next, allow your skin to naturally air dry, or gently dab away excess moisture with a  towel. Relax, and enjoy feeling amazing, and ready for anything!

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